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Whitman Conservation District

601 N. Main, Suite A
Colfax, WA 99111
Office Phone: (509)288-4644
Cell phone: (435) 760-5977
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  1. Conservation districts are governed by a volunteer, five-member Board of Supervisors   
  2. Work as part of a team with other supervisors, employees and agencies.
  3. Help develop local district leadership
  4. Maintain local control over local issues
  5. Obtain technical and financial assistance for the District’s Public, coordinating with other cooperating agencies
  6. Assign priorities to resource problems, programs and tasks
  7. Solicit input on resource problems and solutions from all District Stakeholders and keep them informed


Board Meeting December 14th @ 6pm! 601 North Main Suite #A, Colfax, WA


The Whitman Conservation District is pleased to announce an opportunity to contribute to conservation and your community by serving on the Board of Supervisors. 

The Whitman Conservation District adopted a resolution at their November 15th, 2017 board meeting to hold an election for an expiring board position on the Whitman Conservation District Board.  The election will be held on February 8th, 2018 at Events on Main, 203 N. Main St. Colfax, WA.  Polls open at 4 pm and close at 8pm. Registered voters who reside within the Whitman Conservation District boundary are eligible to vote and apply to be a candidate for the elected position.  A complete application must be submitted to the Whitman Conservation District office by January 19th, 2018 at 4pm.  Election procedures are available at the district office. The Board of Supervisors are public officials who direct the activities of the conservation district by providing guidance, as well as setting policy.  Supervisors serve without compensation but are eligible to be reimbursed for appropriated expenses.  Election forms and procedures are available at the district office at 601 N Main St #A, Colfax or by calling (509)288-4644 if you have any questions.  Absentee Ballots are available upon request. Also, information is available at the Washington Conservation Commission website at


Please note: future election information will be posted ONLY on the Whitman Conservation District website.

Welcome to the Whitman Conservation District

Conservation districts are a GRASSROOTS, LOCALLY DRIVEN conservation agency that identifies local natural resources problems and develops local, voluntary solutions.

Our Mission

It is our mission to promote the wise, ethical and sustainable use of Natural Resources by leadership in the education and assistance of all people in the District.

The Whitman Conservation District will promote the implementation of the best available conservation measures and provide a forum for local input on Natural Resource issues.

Our Function

We take available technical, financial and educational resources, whatever their source, and focus or coordinate them so they meet the needs of the local land user for conservation of  soil, water and related resources.

Download the Whitman Conservation District boundary map

Download our Whitman Conservation District brochure.

We invite you to attend a meeting or contact us for more information.

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