Cost Share Practices

Cost-share dollars are available to producers within the Whitman Conservation District for a wide range of improvements and practices.  Cost-share funding aids producers while also enabling implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that contribute to improved water quality.

Interested?  Please stop by the office- We welcome your inquiries and can assist you with the application worksheet and application for Cost-share assistance.  Applications are reviewed for approval by the District Board at each month's meeting (7:00 pm, 2nd Thursday each month).


Armored Water Point (575) (water gap/animal crossings)

Diversion (362) Livestock only

Drip Irrigation (441)

Fencing: Riparian or Cross-Fencing in Pasture/Range (382) (barbed, 4-wire & electric)

Mulch Till (329B) (4-pass; up to 200 ac)

Pipeline and Hydrant (516) Plastic/Steel Pipe installed

Pond, Multi Purpose- Livestock/wildlife

Pumping Plant (553) Livestock/wildlife-Electric; Hydraulic, Solar, wind, etc @ Boards Discretion

Residue Management (329A) (no-till, change in system, up to 200 ac)

Residue Management (777) (direct seed; change in system; up to 200 ac)

Roof Run-off Management (558) Gutters, downspouts, outlets

Seed: Introduced Grass (SD16), Native Grass (SD17)

Seeding (SG11) Grass seed

Spring Development (574)

Trough/Tank (614) with Gravel/Concrete

Tree & Shrub Establishment (any program or non-program)

Well (642) (livestock/wildlife)

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