Want to get involved and learn more. Come to our outreach programs to learn what is happening in the community.

Annual Meetings

Whitman Conservation District wants community involvement and meetings are great way to come and voice any concerns or ideas. 

Whitman Conservation District Monthly Meetings

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The Whitman Conservation District Board of Supervisors meet regularly on the second Thursday of each month in the new office located at 601 N Main #A, Colfax.  The meeting begins at 6:00 pm for every month, excluding August when there is no scheduled meeting.

These meetings are open to the public with interested parties encouraged to attend. Please call a Board Supervisor or Brian Bell for additional information.

Relavant topic talks

Join us for talk about relevant conservation news. These can relate to anything of intrest for the constituents of the district. Talks are meant to be a forum for disussion between citizens and us. If you have an idea for a topic feel free to contact us and we will try to find an expert. 

Conservation Fair Booth

Participation in the conservation booth at the Palouse Empire Fair is an exciting annual event.  As a joint booth, the agencies pride themselves on having a little something for everyone. For those students that are involved in 4-H and FFA, the Fair is a large part of their education and presents itself as a wonderful tool enabling us to reach out to the community with a message about conservation to the future generations of farmers, operators, ranchers, landowners and land users.