September Minutes

Whitman Conservation District –Board of Supervisors Meeting

Thursday,   September 10, 2015     5:15 p.m.   601 N Main #A,  Colfax, WA


The meeting of the Whitman Conservation District was brought to order at 5:15p.m. By Cory Aeschliman, Chair. 

A quorum was present:


Supervisors:  Rhod McIntosh, Walter Riley   


District Staff:   Nancy Hoobler

Accountant:   Brandy Wigen

Commission Representative:  Ron Shultz

NRCS Representative: David Jones


Guests:  Doreen Riedner, Kim Weerts (WCCA & 5 Star), Jerry Basler (Whitman Co. planner), Brad Johnson (WRIA 35), Art Swannack (Whitman Co. Commissioner), Michael Largent (Whitman Co. Commissioner), Dour Wilson (Colfax High School Yearbook), Aivelle Grimaod (Colfax High School Yearbook), Tom Riedner and John Pearson.


Guest Speaker:  Ron Shultz presented a two hour power point presentation about the Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP).  Eleven counties in the state agreed to participate in the program.  There are several obligations for the opt-in counties: 1. Complete a contract with the WSCC for receipt of funding: 2. Identify the lead for the work group: 3. Identify the members of the work group: 4. Responsible for performance on the contract.  Ron explained the background of how and why VSP came about.  He explained the counties responsibilities, the work group’s responsibilities, the state agency responsibilities, what state agencies make up the technical panel and their responsibilities.  A lengthy discussion occurred after the presentation with Ron answering questions from the audience and addressing County personnel’s concerns and questions.

Douglas Wilson talked to the Board about the advantages of sponsoring a page in the Colfax High schools year book.  Doug explained the different price categories and showed examples of how the layout would look in the yearbook.



The minutes of the July meeting were reviewed, noted a meeting was not held in August due to harvest.

Rhod McIntosh moved to approve the July, 2015 minutes, Walter Riley seconded, motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.



Financial Report:

Brandy presented a financial budget for the Board members to review.  The review shows where money is awarded from and what the money is used for.  Also, Brandy reviewed Form 4: Addendum which is emailed to the Commission showing how the Implementation Grant is to be allocated.  The FY 16 grant is slightly down from FY 15.


The Treasurer’s Report for August-September, 2015 was reviewed. Expense sheet for August-September; Checks numbered 6144-6148, including payroll, 0 void check and (1) EFT were reviewed totaling $4,068.11.

Walter Riley moved to approve the August-September financial report, Rhod McIntosh seconded, motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.


Supervisors Report:

Walter Riley: Attended the Palouse Empire Fair, helped out with the beef and pig sales.

David Lange: NA

Cory Aeschliman: No report, busy with farm work.

Rhod McIntosh:  Attended the Palouse Empire Fair and looked at the steers.

Bryan Jones: NA


Correspondence/District News:  Thank you received from the Okanogan Conservation District for partnering with them on a RCPP Grant; email from Washington State Auditor’s office regarding local government hourly billing rate change; update from the State of Washington Recreation and Conservation Office concerning the Schmuck Park Renovation grant; a news release announcing the extended cut-off date for EQIP sign up to October 16, 2015; email regarding Crop Insurance Deadline in the Pacific Northwest; Bulletin from Ecology concerning taking applications for drought relief projects; a letter from Ecology regarding 2016 Columbia River Basin Water Supply and Demand Forecast asking if the District has any recent data on water supply or irrigation in the District; email from NRCS announcing Mike Kuttel was hired as the WDFW Farm Bill coordinator to the Spokane State NRCS Office; letter from Colfax Livestock Supporters about the 2015 Junior Market Livestock Sale; email from the WA Commission regarding the regular business meeting in September and where it will be held; an announcement concerning the 11th Annual Palouse Basin Water Summit; an email from Kary Peterson (DOE Burn Team) about what is going to happen with the fall burn season; an email containing information about Waters of the United States webinar and the effects of EPA’s  Updates; email from the Conservation Commission regarding what is and why is the Commission using GovDelivery to send out emails; email from Ray Ledgerwood regarding an email from Ecology regarding a public comment period on how Ecology plans to improve water quality on part of the Palouse River; email with attached letter to WACD from Pierce Conservation District about the Board’s concern raised by Clallam CD disappointment in recent actions of the WACD executive director and executive committee; an email concerning the Draft State Wildlife Action Plan is available for public review; a letter from Endures thanking the District for continued membership in Endures for Policy Year 2016; and email from the Upper Columbia RC&D with the September meeting agenda and financial report.


Natural Resources Coordinator Report:

Report from last half of July through first part of September: issued 10 burn reports, attended a Salmon Recovery Board meeting in Dayton to answer questions concerning the Penawawa Grant application; attended Women in Ag planning meeting in Spokane; updated, collected signatures from supervisors and sent forms to the Commission; got computer hard drive replaced and information restored; attended VSP meeting in Spokane and helped coordinate VSP meeting with county and districts; working on CREP projects; attended fair booth planning meeting, fair booth schedule, set up and spent time in the booth during fair week; attended RCPP Grant meetings and worked on interview questions for grant coordinator position; met with producers to discuss projects and got signatures on plans; contacted 20 producers to inform them of the Livestock/Water Quality workshop in October; attended new supervisor training with Bryan and Ray; attended 2 day Commission Policy meeting in Ellensburg, watched two webinars; met with District intern; attended the Whitman Cattlemen’s Association meeting and gave a District report.    



 Old Business:

  • Non-Shell Fish funding:  Two District producers were awarded funds to help with livestock projects, Jon Gordon and Kyle Harder.
  • RCPP Grant update/new proposal:  NRCS cut the TA funding part of the grant by 29.5%, FA stayed the same.
  • MOU with DOE: tabled for next meeting
  • Supervisor Attendance at Board meetings by phone:  Nancy created and presented a policy for review and approval by the Board. The Board reviewed and signed the policy.  Ron explained in depth why the policy was important to have.
  • Annual Report Form:  A copy of the Annual Report Form submitted to the Commission was handed out for the Board members to read so they are aware of the different funding categories and the dollar amount in each.
  • SCC Post Policy Meeting:  The meeting will be an all-day event in Ellensburg.  Commission would like representation from each District, including a supervisor.  Present members would not be able to attend and requested Nancy to talk to David Lange about attending.

Walter Riley motioned to have Nancy attend the SCC Post Policy meeting, Rhod McIntosh seconded, the motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.



New Business:

  • Letter from Whitman County Commissioners about VSP:  The County has asked for the Districts perspective on how the WCD would approach the task as the lead entity for VSP.  The Board requested Nancy to write a response to the letter supporting Palouse CD as the lead entity with assistance from the three additional Districts in the County.  Also, include a 9 month budget that would include the cost of attending a monthly meeting, composite rate, travel and 25% of salary for overhead.
  • Cost Share Project: Nancy submitted Kyle Harder’s cost share application for approval and signature by the Board.  The Cost Share is from the Non-Shellfish Funding Award.

Rhod McIntosh moved to approve Kyle Harder’s cost share application, Walter Riley seconded, the motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.

  • February 2016 Annual District Meeting (DOE & F&W):  Nancy informed the Board about Dave Moore’s visit to the District office.  Dave is a representative from DOE’s Shorelands & Environmental Assistance Program.  Dave would like to have the opportunity to talk to landowners/producers about the permitting process for cleaning ditches, drain tiles or work on areas that are associated with water.  Nancy reminded the Board about her conversation with Fish and Game representative (Mark Wachtel) concerning the same topic.  Nancy asked the Boards opinion on inviting both Dave and Mark to speak at the February annual meeting.  The Board members approved of the idea and directed Nancy to invite both to present and meet with District landowners/producers. Board needs to consider where and when the Annual Meeting will be.
  • Elections:  Rhod McIntosh appointed position will be completed in the spring; he would like to be replaced.  Also, Cory’s elected position will be completed in the spring.  Need to start considering dates and locations to have the elections.
  • Livestock & Water Quality workshop in Fairfield:  The District has been asked to help sponsor this workshop where Dr. Tate from UC Davis will be the main speaker.  After discussion the Board will help sponsor the workshop, it will count towards the District’s educational goals.

Rhod McIntosh moved to approve allocating $200 to help sponsor the Grazing & Water Quality Workshop for Ranchers, Walter Riley seconded, the motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.

  • Other:  WA Fish & Wildlife & WADOT project:  Nancy reported F&W and WADOT installed 4 game cameras at underpasses along Hwy 26 between the Hooper exit and LaCrosse.  F&W will monitor the cameras and down load the pictures.
  • RCPP Full Proposal:  The District received an email from Leslie Michel, Okanogan Conservation District, announcing the invitation from NRCS to write a full proposal for a RCPP Grant for Soil Health practices, which the District has a small partnership in.



 Agency Reports:

NRCS- Rich Edlund: CSP Renewal 2016 evaluations are underway for CSP 2011 contracts; 6 applications for the new CSP 2015 signup were contracted; 2015 EQIP contracting is wrapping up; cutoff for the 2016 EQIP signup is October 16; Planning for EQIP signup under RCPP is underway; the next CRP general signup starts in December; the Local Work Group may need to meet or teleconference this fall to set 2017 priorities, because NRCS moved to 3-year budgeting and need to mesh LWG priorities into 2017 budget request in early CY 2016.

WSCC- Ray Ledgerwood sent the WSCC District Operations Quick Notes for months of August 2015 and September 2015 containing monthly reminders and updates.


 The next regular Board meeting will be October 8, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the District office in Colfax.  


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:50pm.


Motion Recap:

Rhod McIntosh moved to approve the July, 2015 minutes, Walter Riley seconded, motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.

Walter Riley moved to approve the August-September financial report, Rhod McIntosh seconded, motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.

Walter Riley motioned to have Nancy attend the SCC Post Policy meeting, Rhod McIntosh seconded, the motion passed, none opposed and none abstained from voting.






Respectfully Submitted by:


________________________________           _______________________________

Nancy Hoobler, Natural Resource Coordinator                     Cory Aeschliman, Chair

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