Whitman Conservation District offers cost-share for any implemented projects located within district boundaries.

Whitman Conservation District gives the oppurtunity to cost-share with landowners looking to work with the district to implement Best Management Practices (BMP’s) on their land. Attached is a BMP for livestock and healthy streams.  Additonally, cost-share dollars are avaible for any landowners wanting to improve water quality. This money is avaiable to any lands located within district boundaries to assist in implementation of projects. For more information please contact us to see if this oppurtunity fits for you.  

Interested?  Please stop by the office- We welcome your inquiries and can assist you with the application worksheet and application for Cost-share assistance.  Applications are reviewed for approval by the District Board at each month’s meeting (7:00 pm, 2nd Thursday each month).


Armored Water Point (575) (water gap/animal crossings)

Diversion (362) Livestock only

Drip Irrigation (441)

Fencing: Riparian or Cross-Fencing in Pasture/Range (382) (barbed, 4-wire & electric)

Mulch Till (329B) (4-pass; up to 200 ac)

Pipeline and Hydrant (516) Plastic/Steel Pipe installed

Pond, Multi Purpose- Livestock/wildlife

Pumping Plant (553) Livestock/wildlife-Electric; Hydraulic, Solar, wind, etc @ Boards Discretion

Residue Management (329A) (no-till, change in system, up to 200 ac)

Residue Management (777) (direct seed; change in system; up to 200 ac)

Roof Run-off Management (558) Gutters, downspouts, outlets

Seed: Introduced Grass (SD16), Native Grass (SD17)

Seeding (SG11) Grass seed

Spring Development (574)

Trough/Tank (614) with Gravel/Concrete

Tree & Shrub Establishment (any program or non-program)

Well (642) (livestock/wildlife)