Whitman Conservation District

About Whitman Conservation District

We’re Your Local Conservation Experts and Partners.

Whitman Conservation District is your community-based hub of expertise and funding to help you achieve natural resource and land use goals.

We are non-regulatory. We work with you at your request and as a partner on actions that keep our air, water, soil, habitats, and farmland healthy for all.

What We Do

Whitman Conservation District — established in 1966 — provides technical, financial and educational support related to the conservation of natural resources in southern Whitman County.

All our services are non-regulatory and designed to meet local needs. Visit our Services to learn more about what we offer, or please Contact Us with any natural resource concern or need. We will work with you to find a solution.

“Conservation is a state of harmony between humans and land.

– Aldo Leopold

Our Mission

To promote the wise, ethical and sustainable use of natural resources by leadership in the education and assistance of all people in the District.

The Whitman Conservation District will promote the implementation of the best available conservation measures and provide a forum for local input on natural resource issues.

Projects & Accomplishments

Whitman Conservation District has proudly partnered with local landowners and community members on conservation projects for nearly 60 years.


About Whitman Conservation District