Who Is Whitman Conservation District?

The Whitman Conservation District, established in 1966, provides technical, financial and educational support related to the conservation of natural resources in southern Whitman County. The District is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors, of which three are elected and … Read More

What Is A Conservation District?

A Brief History Conservation Districts are comunnity-based, grassroots conservation agencies that identify local natural resource issues and develop local, voluntary solutions. Conservation Districts take available technical, financial and educational resources, whatever their source, and focus or coordinate them to meet … Read More

Youth Programs

Whitman Conservation District is continually looking to expand the youth outreach programs as the need, funding and staff availability presents themselves. Current programs include:  Conservation Education and outreach This Program works with the fifth grade students to gain an understanding … Read More

Water Quality Concerns

Water quality concerns affects everybody in Whitman County. Roughly 94% of the county is currently being used for either dryland agriculture or ranching. These practices are known to degrade nearby water systems. Water quality concerns come from many factors from … Read More

Outreach Programs

Want to get involved and learn more. Come to our outreach programs to learn what is happening in the community. Annual Meetings Whitman Conservation District wants community involvement and meetings are great way to come and voice any concerns or … Read More

Cost-Share Programs

Whitman Conservation District offers cost-share for any implemented projects located within district boundaries. Whitman Conservation District gives the oppurtunity to cost-share with landowners looking to work with the district to implement Best Management Practices (BMP’s) on their land. Attached is … Read More

Agricultural Burn Permits

As a Permitting Authority, our service includes assisting applicants with the Department of Ecology’s Agricultural Burn Permitting Program Application and issuing permits locally. Burn Permit and Spot Burn Permit forms are available at the District Office or on the Department of Ecology … Read More

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