Whitman Conservation District

Board & Meetings

Whitman CD is Locally Led & Proud to Serve Our Community. Whitman Conservation District (CD) is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors. Three members are elected, and two are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission.  Our Board of Supervisors meet regularly on the second Thursday of each month (except August) at 6:30pm at […]

Whitman CD Launches New Website & Logo

Whitman Conservation District

Welcome to the new Whitman Conservation District (CD) website! We launched a new site, along with a new logo, in August 2023. Our website has been redesigned to help us share timely and accessible information with our community. In addition to the new look — which includes more photos of our local landscapes, conservation projects, […]

Agricultural Burn Permits

We Can Assist You With Your Application As a Permitting Authority, our service includes assisting applicants with the Department of Ecology’s Agricultural Burn Permitting Program Application and issuing permits locally. How to Apply for a Burn Permit: 1 Print out, complete, and sign your application (see links below for what you need). We cannot process a […]

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Want hands-on experience with Riparian Restoration? The Whitman Conservation District offers volunteer and internship programs that focus directly on riparian restoration throughout the Palouse region; however, the internship is based out of Colfax, WA. Time commitment depends on student’s desire for college credits. Employment can be part time or full time, depending on time of […]


Employment Opportunities Conservation Technician The Whitman Conservation District (WCD) is recruiting to fill a Full time or Part time Conservation Technician position. This position is anticipated to start Fall 2023. Description Application Form We are always seeking those interested in getting involved with conservation. Please email Josh Larsen with a cover letter and resume. Whitman CD […]

Invasive vs Native Plant Species of Whitman County

Native Plants Native plants are those that are naturally and historically found in an area. They’re important because they have evolved and adapted with other native plants and animals in the area for generations, creating intricate biological interactions that rely on each other to function. For example, in Whitman County sagebrush is a native species […]

Invasive vs Native Plant Species of Whitman County